Your Zodiac Sign and the Jewelry You Should Wear

Aries: Fashionable Fitness Tracker Aries, one of the zodiac's most ambitious signs, is fiery and energetic. Mars, the planet of action, will help you achieve your goals. 

Taurus: Dainty Crystal Necklace As a sensuous and grounded sign, you need jewelry that complements your earthiness. Taurus rules the neck and throat, therefore a delicate crystal necklace will highlight it. 

Gemini: Vintage Brooch Free-spirited extroverts are Geminis. You adore making a big entrance in any social setting as long as you're having fun and being yourself.

Cancer: Mood Ring You adore nostalgia, Cancer. You're sensitive to your own and others' emotions as a Moon sign. 

Ruled by the sun, the planet of vitality and youth, you like to impress and need jewelry to match. You love praises more than life, and bold necklaces are the most attention-grabbing. 

Virgo: Classic Pearl Virgos pay attention to detail, including style. You wear your capsule wardrobe staples and meticulously choose your clothes. A traditional set of pearls is timeless jewelry.

This Venus-ruled, fashion-forward sign values beauty and flair. Select jewelry that reflects your sophistication. As the zodiac's natural romantic, you enjoy unique, meaningful objects.  

Scorpio: Body Piercing Scorpios are extremes—dark and secretive or warm and affectionate—making them hard to read. Mars, the planet of desire, and Pluto, the planet of alteration, make you choose to express your originality above following trends.

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