Where Was Yellowstone Filmed? 8 Filming Locations In The Kevin Costner Show

The escapism of the hit drama Yellowstone's idealized cowboy lifestyle, which is greatly influenced by the beautiful vistas and lovely western valleys, is a significant element of its appeal. 

Much of the action takes place in Montana, which is so distinct in terms of topography and habitat that it would be difficult to substitute any other state for the actual article. 

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan shot the majority of the episode in the locales where the action takes place in order to create the most genuine visuals for Montana. 

While there are some minor changes in the exact places, Yellowstone's filming sites remain authentically Western, right down to the building interiors.  

One of the major plot themes of Yellowstone is the commercialization of Montana, and the effort to keep it clean is the primary struggle for its central character, 

Kevin Costner's John Dutton. It's natural, then, that the majority of Yellowstone was shot in eight different locales across Montana. 

A Montana cowboy ranch is the best method to show a Montana cowboy ranch. Yellowstone Dutton Ranch scenes were shot at Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, 

Montana, about 90 minutes outside of Missoula. When it comes to Montana ranches, the gorgeous valley in which the ranch is tucked is as realistic as it gets, 

with sunsets setting over the real-life Trapper Peak and the Bitterroot River Valley. According to the Chief Joseph Ranch website, 

the ground on which the ranch is located was originally occupied by Salish Native Americans — much as the Dutton Ranch was, as discovered by the end of 1883.  

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