Viral on TikTok: This Intricate Cinderella Manicure 

Vivian Xue Rahey, a nail artist and TikTok content maker, went popular with her exquisite Cinderella press-on manicure.  

Vivian, CEO of Pamper Nail Gallery, which "handcrafts reusable, collectible nail art creations," posts intricate, themed press-on manicure sets, but this one was exceptional. 

According to the video, the buyer sent a “thousand-word essay” with detailed directions for the unique Cinderella mani, which the artist completed. 

The press-ons feel magical. Vivian painted miniatures of Cinderella at the fountain, rushing up the stairs, and with the castle in the background. Elevated nail art will never be the same.

Vivian closed her viral Cinderella TikTok, which has 7.5 million views, by packing up her magical order and asking, “Does this make me a fairy godmother?” We think yes, definitely.

The nail artist began selling sets of nails online a year after the pandemic closed her salon, according to her report. She has roughly a million TikTok fans who watch her lively manicures. 

The Black Panther suit mani set that glows in the dark, two Gucci Flora and Dapper Dan-inspired manis, and a Euphoria-inspired coffin nail are among her outstanding creations. 

Not to mention art recreations. Pamper Nail Gallery ships globally and uses vegan and cruelty-free ingredients for your own set. Start conceptualizing our essay...

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