US-Based Company Tries To Pay $23,500 Settlement In Loose Coins

In a legal dispute between a US-based welding company, JMF Enterprises, and subcontractor Fired Up Fabrication,  

the court ordered JMF Enterprises to pay Fired Up Fabrication a settlement of $23,500 over an alleged breach of contract.  

However, the welding company paid this settlement in an unconventional manner - using loose coins   

weighing 3 tons, an act that was deemed as malicious and in bad faith by Judge Joseph Findley.  

The court found JMF Enterprises' action to pay the settlement in loose coins as a deliberate attempt to delay the case and harass Fired Up Fabrication.   

Judge Findley ruled that the payment method was unacceptable and ordered the welding company to make the payment using a more conventional method,  

such as a check. Additionally, JMF Enterprises and its owner, John Frank, were directed to cover Fired Up Fabrication's attorney fees and costs.  

The lawsuit originated from a 2022 case wherein Fired Up Fabrication accused JMF Enterprises of making  

only partial payments for welding work done on an apartment building, despite repeated requests for the full agreed-upon amount.  

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