Top 5 Mysterious Signs of the Zodiac

Scorpio, the deep and passionate one, is first up. Scorpios are the people who always manage to surprise you. 


 They resemble a locked treasure chest that you can't wait to unlock. Mars and Pluto are the two powerful planets that control Scorpios.

Our dreamy water sign, Pisces, adds empathy and creative energy to the enigmatic list. 


Think of Pisceans as those imaginative people that have an effortless ability to connect with your emotions. 

Don't be misled by Capricorn's initial lack of mystery; this earth sign is dedicated and ambitious.


Saturn, their ruling planet, makes all of the decisions. Like a rigorous teacher, Saturn will never let you settle for less than your best.

Aquarius, the free-spirited sign of the zodiac, comes next. The planet of invention, Uranus, rules these people.


Their outlandish concepts and distinct outlook on the world will astound you.

The water sign of Cancer, which is governed by the moon, completes our list. You would know that Cancers are all about feelings if you have ever met one. 


They seem to possess an innate emotional sense. Their ruler is the moon, and feelings and intuition are paramount.

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