Top 5 Expert-Recommended Laid-Back Cats

With the way they fit into households, cats stand out among other pets in the pet industry. Any cat owner will confirm that having a cat is a form of consent. Cats, they're the loveliest, as the 2016 children's viral hit "The Cat Song" by Bryant Oden puts it.  

Cats are the cruelest animals. That's exactly how things work. Although all cats should be respected, some breeds are more calm-tempered and can handle change better than their jumpier relatives.  

Those looking for a feline with a laid-back attitude might be interested in our list of the top five most relaxed cat breeds. 

The large, affectionate Maine Coon cat enjoys unwinding. These big loaves enjoy taking it easy. Pets Radar gushes: "Maine Coons can weigh up to 25 pounds, making them the gentle giants of the feline world! They aren't typically overactive, despite the fact that they can be highly energetic and inquisitive. 

Maine Coon 

These attractive cats have silky, fluffy coats and are neither thin nor bulky. Birmans seem to crave affection and thrive in tranquil families. The Spruce Pets describes Birman cats as medium-sized and strong with long, silky hair. 


Ragdolls are cute with dark cheeks and beautiful eyes. Furry love muffins want attention. The Ragdoll, called for its tendency to go limp when picked up and handled, is the most laid-back cat breed, according to iHeart Cats. 


The exotic shorthair has a round, adorable face. Their squeezed nostrils beg for a boop. The Scotsman says, “Sweet, affectionate and quiet, the Exotic Shorthair is said to be a good cat breed for those with smaller properties due to the fact it doesn't require much space to run, and prefers warm, cozy snuggles in the house with their owner 

Exotic shorthair 

Can a breed be named better than the Ragamuffin? Prim and proper kittens are not ragged, but the word originally referred to a human, usually a child, with tattered attire. According to The Discerning Cat, Ragamuffins are noted for their loving nature. 


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