Tom Brady responds to speculation that he might return to NFL and play for Jet

After Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury in Week 1, one name kept coming up as a prospective Jets quarterback option, and that name was Tom Brady. 

Brady had yet to publicly remark on the Jets' quarterback situation in the previous week, but that changed on Monday on the newest installment of his "Let's Go" podcast. 

At the beginning of the broadcast, host Jim Gray got right to the point by questioning Brady about the Jets. Here's what he said to the seven-time Super Bowl champion. 

Gray: "That's right. "The question everybody has been wondering is: Have the Jets phoned and are you contemplating the Jets?" 

"Next question," Brady says. You are already aware. I enjoy being with you guys on Mondays, and I enjoy what we're doing."

Before answering the question, Brady MIGHT have whispered "No," but it was tough to tell. The point is, he could have simply said "NO

 and ended all speculation, but instead he danced around the question, appearing to leave the door just slightly open for a possible return.

There are several reasons why the conjecture will not die. For starters, it's evident that the Jets will not make the playoffs with Zach Wilson as quarterback. 

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