This nail artist's intricate designs have gone viral—see them for yourself. 

Vivian Xue is the best nail artist around. Because of the fine intricacies and adaptability of her designs, her incredibly elaborate press-on nail art has been going viral on TikTok (@vivxue) for more than a year. 

More than 15.2 million people have seen this popular video of her Shrek-themed nail set, and that's just one instance. 

Vivian, the proprietor of Pamper Nail Gallery, spoke with BuzzFeed about what it's like to run a successful company amid a pandemic.  

Since we had a sizable following on Instagram at the time and our usual customers weren't coming in as frequently, we thought, "What if we just shipped the nails to you?"

Vivian initially started posting on TikTok for fun, but as soon as she did, her DMs and comments started to overflow with people asking where they.  

Could buy their own sets.Now that she is overloaded with orders, Vivian only has time for "like two power.  

Naps a day" and spends the rest of her time "coordinating shipping, packaging, making sizing kits, running social media, and painting the nails." 

It takes two to eight hours to paint each set. She claimed that "all-nighters" have been required of her since "June last year."

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