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Popular nail designs feature animal prints, which look even more seductive when combined with colorblocking and a matte black finish. The best part is that DIY nail art of this kind is not too difficult.

Matte Black Leopard Nail

Consider a glossy micro-French manicure with floral accent nails if you're more into simple nail art. Here's another simple do-it-yourself nail style.

Minimalist Black and Silver Nail

Use a black and gold color scheme for a rocker chic mani. To replicate this nail art, you might want to seek the assistance of a professional nail artist if you lack steady hands.

Gold Lightning Bolt Nail

Choosing a black base is a good option if you want to continue the trend of grid nails, which gained popularity earlier this year. Then, for a playful pop that is reminiscent of the '90s, you can add a gradient stripe here and there if you also adore color.

Black and White Pastel Gradient Grid Nail

Elevate your nail art game because although the solid black nails in this set are simple to duplicate, the magical accents will demand a great deal of skill.

Matte Black Crystal Nail

How much fun are these mix-and-match black-and-white nails? They're fashionable in more ways than one thanks to the French tips, aura accents, and shimmering rhinestones.

Black Mix-n-Match Nail

These glossy black nails have a chalkboard-like appearance. We're sure the cheerful, smiling faces will make your day.

Matte Black Smiley Nail

Two-toned Any color can be used to create a gorgeous French manicure. Here, you can see how adding more color to your nails enhances rather than detracts from their appearance.

Dual-Finish Black French Tip

This year, swirl nails are still a popular request. If you decide to go with black swirls, think about adding some glitter to make it look more glamorous.

Black Glitter Swirl Nail

Black bases aren't always necessary for black nail art. Sometimes the best look is a sheer, shimmery base combined with black nail art. For example? These lovely nails with hearts on them.

Black Opal Heart Nail

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