These 10 Black Nail Art Designs Are Stunning

Speaking of hearts and sheer nails, this jelly manicure is the ideal gothic Valentine's Day look—cute, moody, and romantic all at once. Dayanna I. Sapiens, a nail artist, did the manicure using NSFW Jelly and Memento Mori ($13) Cirque Colours Nail Polish.

Translucent Black Heart Nail

Glossy black stars are another option if hearts aren't your thing. We also adore that these are sprinkled with dazzling rhinestones.

Black Star Nail

With their black foundation and white astrology nail art, these long, almond-shaped nails are even more enchanted. Brittney Boyce, a nail artist, made them for Megan Fox.

Black Moon and Star Nail

Are you looking for a simple DIY manicure? It's worth trying out this matte black and white scratch nail design. For the black nails, just use solid coats, and for the neutral nails, add color swatches as desired.

Matte Black and White Scratch Nail

These checkerboard nails in black and white are so surreal. We have to refocus just looking at them, so we imagine that in order to really implement these suggestions, you might want to schedule a nail appointment.

Black Glitch Checker Nail

One of the year's most well-liked nail trends is still aura nails. You can see the appearance of black and white aura nails here. Feel it? You can get the same effect by sponging a white center onto a black base.

Black and White Aura Nail

A solid base is not necessary for grid nails. The black lines can nearly resemble fishnets when they have a clear base. Rhinestones only serve to enhance the sex appeal.

Black Grid Nail

A manicure that resembles a gift has a black jelly base and solid black crisscross stripes on top. To create the look at home, you'll need a steady hand and a fine-lining nail art brush.

Black Jelly Nail

These incredibly glossy nails in gold and black are truly eye-catching. The secret to pulling off a look this amazing is using a high-shine top coat, such as OPI's Infinite Shine 3 ProStay Gloss ($14).

Glossy Black and Gold Nail

This black grunge ombre manicure is a gorgeous example of the effortless beauty we adore in nail art. To replicate it, all you'll need is a glossy top coat, sheer neutral base, black polish, and a sponge.

Black Grunge Ombre Nail

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