The Surgeon General of Florida launches a tirade against vaccinations in reaction to the recently implemented COVID-19 booster shot.

Florida's Surgeon General ranting during a press conference called COVID-19 vaccines unsafe despite doctors' approval. 

Longtime masking opponent Joseph Ladapo joined Gov. Ron DeSantis to slam the latest shot, expected this month. 

“There’s essentially no evidence for it,” Ladapo said during a Jacksonville “Mandate Freedom” press conference. 

The new RNA COVID-19 vaccinations can cause heart damage in some individuals. 

call it subclinical myocarditis, its clinical significance is truly unknown,” he said of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines' “very rare” side effects. 

The state surgeon also falsely stated there have been no clinical trials on the new booster's effects on humans.

While the US Centers for Disease Control, the WHO, and most nations praise mRNA-style COVID-19 vaccines as safe and effective, Ladapo criticized vaccine proponents and advised non-vaccinators to follow their gut. 

Despite his lack of medical experience, Lapado praised the governor for opposing “PhDs and MDs” who advocated social distancing, masking, and immunizations. 

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