The Square Nail Shape Is Coming Back For Fall 2023 (Sorry, Almond Girlies) 

Nail form trends, like manicure colors and nail art fads, come and go. There are numerous alternatives, ranging from almond-shaped looks to round nails and, of course, the extreme edge nail shape.  

The classic compact square, on the other hand, is making a reappearance in 2023. The square nail shape is ideal for autumn since the shorter, straighter shape will not interfere with your favorite fall activities;  

you won't have to worry about square nails breaking when carrying pumpkins from your favorite orchard or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. 

Black and white manicures look chicer on square nails 

French manicures are better than ever with square nails 

Natural square nails look classy in a minimalist way 

Or just add a clear shiny gloss 

Lean into the square look with square-like nail art 

Fall colors look beautiful on square nail shapes 

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