The Best ‘Warming’ Beers for Fall, According to Craft Beer Experts

Imperial Stouts:Craft beer experts unanimously celebrate the Imperial Stout as a quintessential fall beer. With its robust, dark malt profile, Imperial Stouts often feature notes of chocolate, coffee, and sometimes even hints of dark fruit.  

Barleywines:Barleywines, whether English or American style, are renowned for their high alcohol content and complex malt character. 

Pumpkin Ales:Fall wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of pumpkin ales. Crafted with seasonal spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, these beers offer a comforting taste of autumn.  

Belgian Dubbels:Belgian Dubbels are characterized by their rich maltiness, dark color, and subtle spiciness from Belgian yeast strains. Craft beer experts appreciate the complexity of flavors, which may include dark fruits, caramel, and a touch of warmth from the alcohol content.  

Old Ales:Old Ales are a versatile choice for fall, often exhibiting a balance between malt sweetness and a moderate level of alcohol. These beers can have a range of flavors, including toffee, dark fruit, and molasses.  

Scotch Ales:Scotch Ales, also known as Wee Heavy, are admired for their malt-forward profile and a touch of smokiness. 

Rye Beers:Rye beers, such as Rye IPAs or Rye Porters, bring a unique spiciness to the fall beer lineup. Crafted with a proportion of rye in the grain bill, these beers often showcase a balance  

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Beers:Craft breweries often take their base beers, such as stouts or barleywines, and age them in bourbon barrels.  

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