The Astrology of 6 Children-Loving Zodiac Signs

Everyone likes kids. Who doesn't want to hug their small hands, sniff their hair, and press their plump cheeks? We know most people will ooh at a gorgeous infant. Both men and women love infants.  

Everyone just likes cute, bumbling, playful babies. Most people won't approach a screaming baby. However, some zodiac signs love and accept children as they are. These star signs naturally care for children. And babies are strangely drawn to them. 

Parents who adore their own children have a warm spot for every child they meet. They want to build a family with the right person and raise loving, caring children they will protect at all costs.  

Capricorns are great with kids because they remember their childhood treatment. Based on their childhood experiences, they want to be better with kids.  

Leos are affectionate with true lovers. And they love kids. They must hold and kiss every infant they see in a mall, café, or across the street. Leos care deeply and stress about kids.  

The stubborn bull changes when a child enters. They are usually the fun aunts and uncles that destroy their nieces and nephews by buying them everything.  

No middle ground for Scorpios. They're all in or out. Be certain that they are all in on babies. Scorpio shouldn't be on this list of zodiac signs who love kids.  

Libras have many friends because they see the good in everyone. They want to know what makes people unique. They come closer to people to find out.  

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