The 5 Best Long-Haired Cat Breeds According to Experts

Nothing beats burying your face in your kitty after a difficult day if you're a cat lover. The more fluff, the more to love! Both long-haired and short-haired breeds of cats exist. 

With the long-haired varieties typically being prized for their plush, glossy coats and regal appearances. However, if you intend to buy a long-haired cat, be prepared to give your feline companion a good brushing. 

Because more hair equals more maintenance. To find out more about some of the best long-haired cat breeds, continue reading. 

The Persian, one of the oldest cat breeds, is famous due to its lovely white fur and placid nature. “We’re starting with Persians as they’re the iconic long-haired breed,” says Petkeen. 

Persian  cat 

You must be ready to groom this breed. “Himalayans love to be petted, but their shedding level requires frequent brushing,” writes Litter Robot. Their long, silky fur, which has a rich undercoat, will mat and tangle without frequent wide-toothed comb grooming. 

Himalayans cat 

Maine Coons are huge, long-haired cats that originated in the U.S. Reader's Digest describes it as having a muscular frame, a shaggy coat, and charming tufts of hair on its ears and toes. This breed may be polydactyl and good at hunting mice and other pests. 

Maine Coon cat 

The Birman cat is gregarious and playful but also enjoys solitude. This breed's single-layer coat makes grooming easy. Litter Robot: “The Birman's silky coat is medium to long, but doesn't mat easily.” “Weekly grooming removes loose fur and debris. 

Birman cat 

Friendly and large, this breed matures at five years old. “These gentle giants can weigh up to 16 pounds, and enjoy jumping around and exploring your home,” explains DailyPaws. Norwegian woodland cats often socialize with their owners but not with guests.  

Norwegian Forest Cat 

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