The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That's Simple On November 14, 2023

Something about November 14, 2023, awakens the idealist in three zodiac signs. While that may not sound like much, the values we have in mind today are rather amazing... so why not pursue them now? 

The astrological transit of Moon sextile Venus is inspiring us, and it has three zodiac signs thinking about their interpretation of 'the perfect relationship.'

OK, we all flinch at the word "perfect," because we all know that nothing is ever perfect... but we can design our lives and romances to be as close to perfect as possible, right? 

What characterises perfection during the transit of the Moon sextile Venus is... simplicity.

That's all we need. We are not establishing a set of rules and regulations; all we want is for things to be simple.

You feel like you've been on Earth long enough to know what makes you happy and what makes you want to flee, and on November 14, 2023, 


When it comes to love, you've seen yourself go back and forth. You believe in it sometimes, and you swear off it other times. 


Your life is far too complicated in every manner for you to want to bring that level of uncertainty and drama into your love life, therefore when it comes to romantic relationships, you value simplicity and easy.


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