The 10 Greatest Winter Nail Art Trends That Are Inspired By the Occupation 

Silver glitter and stars—need we say more? Start with your winter mani because everything shimmers during this tinsel-filled season. 

1. Luminous Night

Regarding winter fashion, Stone predicts that "chocolate nails" would be popular. "This color goes well with any outfit, which is why I adore it." The tint is made a little lighter and more whimsical by blocking it with white. 

2. Brown Color-Blocked

Reimagining green as a warm metallic creates the perfect tint for the season. use applying paint to every bed or, for a more understated look, use the polish on one or two nails. 

3. All-metal Verde 

Nail artist Hang Nguyen has observed that gold leaf complements artistic expression effectively. Apply randomly to fingers, hair, and nails for a beautiful, occasion-appropriate abstract look. 

4. Leaf Gold

It's still celebratory even when it's unexpected. For the holidays, this shade of baby blue feels festive and incisive.  

5. French Blue

Think of this as your go-to color. As the year draws to an end, deep reds become more popular; the moody, romantic hue even becomes a stand-alone seasonal neutral. 

6. Red Vamp

This literal representation of chocolate follows the pattern. This comfortable, syrupy tone is sure to become a beloved favorite. It's sweet and comforting. 

7. Hot Milk

Flowers? For the coming winter? If they have rich colors and somber patterns, we're all in. 

8. Somber Floral

How about using polish the same way you would jewelry? Arcs of silver, placed thoughtfully, let you accessorise nails to fit your metallic mood. 

9. Touches Sterling

Although the season for mushroom foraging may peak in slightly warmer weather, the Christmassy colors used in this nail art seem fitting for the winter months. It's also definitely cute. 

10. Magical Edibles

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