'Surpassing the Bible': Lil' Kim Celebrates the Presales of Her Memoir

'The Queen Bee' is set to release in the fall of 2025. 

Unofficial reports state that Lil' Kim's soon-to-be memoir is already well-liked by the public before it even hits bookstores.

Using social media, the 49-year-old rapper asserted that The Queen Bee's presale sales are "surpassing the Bible." 

Lil' Kim said on a recent Instagram Live, "We're surpassing the Bible when we post our presales, and that's crazy."

The problem is that it's the Bible, sort of. I take that very seriously. You are already aware of that."

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As per reports, the book written by the Grammy winner will divulge "everything that really went on behind-the-scenes of her legendary career, much of it for the very first time publicly."

The Queen Bee was supposed to be released later that year, but it was first revealed in April of 2021. 

 But she didn't reveal to her fans that the "edits are finally done" until this past summer when she posted a picture of the rough manuscript on her social media page.

The memoir's release has since been pushed back until Sept. 23, 2025, a topic she also addressed during her recent Instagram Live session. 

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