SUPER SNACKS Which is healthier, soaked walnuts or soaked almonds?

Do you know which is better for you—soaked walnuts or soaked almonds? Don't worry; we've covered all you need to know about these two, along with their differences to aid in your decision.

1. Easy to digest Almonds that have soaked are easier to digest. The phytic acid levels are lowered by this process, which can impair the absorption of minerals. 

Packed with nutrition Almonds that have been soaked have qualities that stimulate enzymes and may improve the bioavailability of nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

 Chewing easier The softer texture of soaked almonds is one of the advantages of incorporating them into your diet. According to the expert, soaked almonds are "more palatable, especially for those with dental issues."

 Lessens resentment Do you not find walnuts to be bitter? To lessen the inherent bitterness, try soaking them for the entire night. Because of this, people who are sensitive to the slightly bitter flavor of dry walnuts will find it more appealing.

 Facilitates digestion Soaked walnuts may help make walnuts more digestible, much like soaked almonds do. 

 Keeps you hydrated Walnuts absorb a lot of water during soaking, making them slightly plumper and possibly more hydrating to consume, says the dietitian.

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