'Soft Girl' Winter Is Here, and Everyone Is Embracing It With This Cool Nail Color

Because of its growing popularity, you're probably seeing a lot of sage green nails on social media.

But, if the beauty community's recent interest in unique manicure colors is any indication, this one is here to stay. 

The color has also been seen on celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Jodie Turner-Smith. 

With A-list endorsement, it's no surprise that sage green nail ideas continue to flood the internet.

Sage is having a moment this fall and heading into winter, following seasonally appropriate trends like coffee-inspired rich brown and brilliant orange. 

The woody undertones lend it an organic feel that is both fresh and lively. However, it, like the herb itself, has layers that keep you guessing.

The shade is versatile, ranging from blue-gray to pastel. If solid manicures aren't your thing, tonal designs and creative patterns can help you embrace the color.

Are you ready to experiment with a new manicure? TZR rounded up the best sage nail looks from Instagram to help you get started with the internet's new favorite color.

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