Saturday's Love Horoscope For November 11, 2023 

Aries, today's Mars-Uranus opposition activates two intense aspects of your life: personal riches and wealth received from others.  


You might surprise someone today by deciding to 'go all in' on a partnership. 


Being the only one to try in a relationship can make you want to give up. "Who is this person anyway?" you may wonder.  


You are feeling one way, while someone you care about is feeling another. You can be falling in love with a buddy, and it could be everything you've ever wanted... or your greatest nightmare. 


It's amazing how work can creep into your personal life when the last thing you want to do is talk about what occurred at work.  


A heated debate can teach you a lot, Virgo. You understand what triggers your partner's ire, and you also understand how they react when you disagree. 


No one joins a relationship expecting to dispute about money or belongings, but you may find that your aesthetic and your partner aren't on the same page today.  


Who is carrying a chip on their shoulder today? "Not me," you say, but what if it is you, Scorpio? The Mars opposite Uranus transit today may cause you to lose sight of your attitude. 


Today may be the day that you decide to cut ties with a scenario once and for all for the benefit of your mental health.  


Your buddies may encourage you to re-enter the dating scene. You may not feel ready for love, but if you make an effort, love will find you. 


You're willing to go to any length for love, especially for the sake of your family. 


Travelling during this time of year is difficult, especially if you have a demanding job or work in the service or healthcare industries. 


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