Rabbit's 'Bunnicino' Trip to Starbucks Is Too Sweet for Words

A couple of rabbit parents posted a video on Thursday, November 9th, featuring their adorable lop bunny, Cookie, who went on an exciting adventure with her parents

When they visit Starbucks in the video, Cookie orders her very own bunnicino!

Cookie was sufficiently enthralled with this fascinating treat. Before long, she will be pleading for another trip to Starbucks!

Cookie is such a cute little bunny! A tiny cup filled with strawberries—the same fruit used in Starbucks' strawberry refresher drinks—served as her bunnicino.

Even though strawberries usually go uneaten when added to a human beverage, Cookie made sure that none of her delicious strawberries were wasted!

Treats are an essential part of the bond that humans and pets share, so it's important for pet parents to entice their furry friends with them. 

 When given in conjunction with physical proximity, treats establish positive associations that promote trust and understanding, strengthening the emotional bond. 

Naturally, bunnies love to eat a wide range of foods. Bunnies can enjoy fresh fruits like small slices of banana or apple, and they can benefit nutritionally from leafy greens like cilantro and parsley. 

Treats made of Timothy hay are also well-liked since they help maintain dental health and give rabbits the vital fibre they need

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