Matt Gaetz Issues Warning About Mike Johnson's Future

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz has warned that House Speaker Mike Johnson may suffer a "similar fate" to his predecessor Kevin McCarthy if a single-subject spending measure is not passed in a timely manner.

Gaetz, who spearheaded McCarthy's historic removal as House Speaker after the California Republican collaborated with Democrats to pass a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown in September

was asked by CNN on Monday whether Johnson would face a motion to vacate if a similar agreement is reached.

Johnson will face his first significant test as House Speaker when he attempts to pass a stopgap funding bill to avert a government shutdown when the current continuing resolution (CR) expires on Friday, November 17. 

However, a number of House Republicans, including Gaetz, have already stated their support for Johnson's "laddered" approach, which would extend government funding into the new year, with some money expiring in January and the remainder ending in early February.

Johnson may also require Democratic support in order for his bill to pass the House. 

The White House has already outlined the Louisiana Republican's CR plan, which excludes military financing for Ukraine and Israel and recommends reducing IRS expenditure.

Gaetz told CNN that the primary difference between what Johnson is going through now and the deal that ultimately resulted in McCarthy's removal as House Speaker is the amount of time the individuals have had to approve a single-subject budget measure.

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