Marvel Sets Up Scarlet Witch's Return In MCU Multiverse One Year After Her Death

The return of Scarlet Witch in What If...? season 2 shows that the MCU can bring back Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff sooner rather than later.

Season 2 of Marvel's What If...? suggests that Scarlet Witch's MCU return will be sooner rather than later. 

Wanda Maximoff was set up to be a key MCU character in the near future at the start of Phase 4. 

According to Agatha Harkness, the Scarlet Witch's power "exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme, and it is her destiny to destroy the world."

Yet, after only one MCU appearance, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness appears to have killed her off for good.

But, unlike Wanda Maximoff, who appears to have died after her battle with Doctor Strange and America Chavez, Elizabeth Olsen has not.

Many characters in Marvel films and television shows have found a way to return after their deaths. 

In Agents of SHIELD, for example, Phil Coulson was resurrected after Loki killed him thanks to Project TAHITI, while Thanos, Gamora, and Loki himself replaced their dead selves thanks to time travel. 

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