Love Horoscopes For November 16, Brings Changes To Relationship

Surprise! You're prepared to put in the effort in a relationship. It's been difficult to persuade you that something is worth saving, but today's Moon square Venus is like a tap on the shoulder. 


Every day, you can learn something new about how to love someone well. Purchase books about dating and going out with your partner.


Sharing your feelings for someone can be difficult at first, but you can overcome your fears during this Moon square Venu.


You're more concerned with the future, deciding when you'd like to marry or try to conceive a child.


It feels good to discuss things with your partner. You discover the wonderful closeness that follows today's Moon square Venus transit.


There's a sense of fulfillment in doing things for others. You're ready to open your wallet during today's Moon square Venus to make a love offering to a charity or someone special in your life.


Is it time to settle down with your partner? Today's Moon square Venus conjunction is ideal for looking for a home or making offers on an apartment you'd like to move into. 


You're ready to bring up a difficult topic. It's no fun to harbor a grudge against someone you care about. Tough issues can arise during the Capricorn Moon.


During today's Moon square Venus transit, you may find that difficulties bring you closer together. It's easier to talk about problems you're having as a couple right now. 


Are you concerned about a possible breakup? Today's Moon square Venus can make you feel as if your relationship is on its way out.


You have a pesky reputation for being detached, but this is more likely when you are uninterested or in the company of strangers. 


It would be ideal if your friends accepted your significant other, but some may feel protective and want to protect your heart from being broken — again. 


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