Kevin Costner's New Coffee Blend Will Let You Start Your Day Like Him 

For those who enjoy coffee as much as Kevin Costner, today is perfect! 

You're in for a treat: the acclaimed actor and filmmaker recently revealed a new collaboration with Keurig's Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. 

In order to cater to the actor's individual preferences, Costner and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters have collaborated to develop a variety of unique coffee blends. 

Horizon Blend, created by Kevin Costner, is the first product in the new collection and will go on sale on keurig. 

com on Monday, December 18.Press release describes the mix as a "smoky dark roast inspired by the American West." 

(Although no formal connection has been established, we believe it's important to note that the first blend's ,

name coincides with Costner's upcoming Western, Horizon: An American Saga.) 

About the process of bringing this film to existence, the former Yellowstone actor had a lot to say that was insightful." 

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