It's the bottom line. In Jason Momoa's Aquaman 2, Ben Affleck Returns as Batman

DC Extended Universe fans get more excited as Aquaman 2 approaches. 

Every fan wonders: Will Ben Affleck return as Batman in this highly anticipated sequel, starring Jason Momoa? 

The director of Aquaman 2 has come forward to respond to the passionate debates around this topic, removing the shroud of mystery surrounding this pivotal casting choice. 

The renowned director James Wan recently shared fascinating details on the persistent reports of Ben Affleck's likely Batman cameo in the eagerly awaited sequel, Aquaman 2. 

DC fans are eagerly anticipating the theatrical release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom later this year, especially given the franchise's dynamic landscape. 

Hopes are high that the upcoming release of the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer will change the existing discussion surrounding the movie. 

But until the trailer is released, a lot of fans are still drowning in questions about the sequel's creation, its closely-guarded secrets, and its position within the vast DC Universe. 

James Wan, the director behind for blockbuster movies like Insidious and the $1 billion grossing first Aquaman movie. 

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