In ‘Yellowstone,’ Kevin Costner Isn’t the Only Big Gun

The star power of Kevin Costner served as the foundation for "Yellowstone."

The most popular character on the show among its devoted audience is Beth Dutton.   

Rebecca, portrayed by Kelly Reilly, is the daughter of Mr. Costner's formidable rancher John Dutton in Montana. 

She is a human switchblade who enjoys smoking cigarettes, straight liquor,

and verbally abusing people on basic cable. The fiercest woman in a TV drama full of tough cowboys and occasionally violent scenes is the one who will not ride a horse.

In the 2018 premiere of the show on the Paramount Network, 

she pleaded with her father, "Just tell me who to fight," as he engaged in combat with rival real estate developers and other opponents.

An official press release states that Kelly is vying for Best Actress in an Action Series, Limited Series, or Made-for-TV Movie, and Kevin is nominated for Best Actor in any of these categories. 

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