In Brazil, the Christ the Redeemer statue greets Taylor Swift with particular warmth.  

Arriving in Brazil, Taylor Swift was greeted with a heavenly reception.The famed Christ ,

the Redeemer monument in Rio de Janeiro welcomed the 33-year-old pop singer ,

"I Can See You" as she started the Latin American leg of her Eras Tour on Thursday night. 

However, the statue was customized just for her.A fan account on X (previously known as Twitter) posted ,

a picture of the statue wearing a white shirt with the names of the states of Brazil ,

on it along with symbols from Swift's songs—such as a bow and arrow, which seems to allude to her Lover track "The Archer," 

and a scarf, which seems to allude to her Red hit "All Too Well." The shirt seemed to be a tribute to the one she wore in the music video for her first single "You Belong with Me."

It had the names of her high school best friends printed on the front with the words "Junior Jewels."

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