In 2023, natural wedding makeup trends will be popular.

A bride who requests "natural wedding makeup" on her big day is like a diner who orders "food." The phrase covers too much ground; are you looking for matte or dewy? Blush or chiseled? Which would you rather, steak or salmon? 

It's natural to want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, but that doesn't mean you can't experiment with some modern beauty trends 

makeup can work for any woman, whether she is a DIY bride with two beauty products, a vixen with a speakeasy booked for her big day, or a bride who has dreamed of an enchanted garden wedding since she was a little girl. 

Floating in air is a great confidence booster. (It's an extended trip, with high costs and limited accommodation options.) But skin like a cloud in the sky is a reasonable compromise 

This ethereal, matte, marshmallowy appearance is not difficult to accomplish and is perfect for a wedding day. "It's basically just healthy, fresh-looking skin without a reflective highlighter shine, 

explains makeup artist Jenny Patinkin. To avoid shine, use a setting powder that absorbs oil and a foundation or bronzer with a matte or satin finish.  

People can be roughly divided into two camps: the "brown and white stripes on face" (TikTok) contingent, and the "something a little more subtle" contingent.  

underpainting your contour instead of placing your contour and highlighter on top of your foundation. "It also allows more room for error," makes up artist Kate Mellinger. The end effect is something closer to a Greek statue than a jungle cat.  

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