Five Zodiac Signs That Are Hard to Win Over

Some zodiac signs wear their hearts on their sleeves. They fall hard and fast in love. Others, on the other hand, take a more cautious approach. These are the astrological signs that play hard to get.  

They understand their worth and refuse to settle for anyone who does not provide them with what they need in a partner. 

Perhaps a previous failed romance has taught them that playing hard to get is usually the safest option. It requires extra effort to entice these signs because breaking down their inhibitions is difficult.  

Capricorns are suspicious of strangers. They control their emotions until they know what the other person wants.  

Sagittarians are free. Sags merely want freedom to be. So committing is a nightmare for them. Scores of potential individuals are drawn to their free-spiritedness and lively demeanor.  

Introverted Aquarius is antisocial. Their bubble is comfortable since they don't want to deal with people. Despite their best attempts, someone occasionally captures their eye.  

Since Scorpios have trust concerns, they naturally block themselves off. Despite having many pals, the star sign only considers a few actual friends.  

Social butterflies, Geminis. But socializing has its drawbacks. They often mistake kindness and enthusiasm for love. Geminis are indecisive about love.  

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