Fans found out why Tom Cruise no longer signings autographs up close. 

Tom Cruise may have been doused with water by a reporter in the past, 

which could explain his recent habit of avoiding fans at promotional events.Although some fans believe that Tom Cruise was careful ,

and avoided close contact with followers after the water-squirting incident, there's also a chance that his hectic schedule ,

and pandemic protocols had anything to do with it.Tom Cruise has attempted in recent years to maintain composure and concentrate on his job, 

averting needless attention and controversies, despite his history of contentious interviews. 

We're going to examine Tom Cruise in a new light in the following, and it has to do with his interactions with the public. 

Tom didn't seem to be doing much to promote Mission: Impossible. Supporters appear to know why, 

connecting Cruise's actions to an earlier incident with a reporter on the red carpet.We'll look back on that occasion and explain why Cruise behaves differently in interviews now days.

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