Everyday Predictions: November 17, 2023 The Moon is in a square with Neptune today.

The Moon has just finished its Last Quarter phase, marking an important time in astrology when it's best to make adjustments and wrap up initiatives started at the beginning of the month.  

As of today, there is something blocking our path across space. There is a square between the Moon and Neptune, the planet of fantasy and deception. 

All signs of the zodiac are cautioned to exercise extreme caution before making major decisions.  

Mercury is still in retrograde, clouding our judgment. Focus on moderation for the time being. 

Make an effort. After tomorrow, when the Moon returns to lovable Cancer and the current square is through, 

we can finally unwind and focus on making decisions that will bring us greater psychological and emotional stability. 

It's healthy to discuss your aspirations, Aries. You can be an idealist; your wants may win out at times. It's easy to let yourself be consumed by the pursuit of a lofty objective.  

It will take extra effort to keep your feet on the ground and your mind on the task at hand today, as the Moon is square Neptune. It's great to have confidence in yourself, but now isn't the time to make a drastic life move like quitting your job or breaking a friendship that you won't be able to undo. 

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