Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day Of The Week For November 13 - 19

The cosmos are aligning in the final full week of Scorpio Season to bring you one step closer to the transformation required to help you change your life in the greatest ways conceivable.

Scorpio is a water sign noted for its passionate intensity, which reveals reality and assists you in connecting with your deepest aspirations and purpose.

To use Scorpio magic, you must first open it in order to receive the messages it is trying to convey.

 You must avoid the need to keep things the same and remain open and trusting as you allow the cosmos to lead you into the most exciting era of your life. 

The week begins with the Scorpio New Moon, which is unlike any other since there is a thundering call for change brought about by Mars's ferocity.

Normally, New Moons are calm and sweet since they allow you to contemplate and catch up on sleep because you tend to sleep better during this lunar phase and create an aim for what you aspire to achieve in the next lunar cycle.

This lunation, on the other hand, is more focused and dynamic than just sweet. The Sun is casting a shadow over the Scorpio New Moon in this dramatic water sign, 

emphasising that what you choose to accomplish may have to outweigh your emotions. However, it is conjunct with Mars, which is also in Scorpio, providing a great impulse to act.

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