Diablo 4 players demand a roadmap as Season 1 material runs out.

Diablo 4 players want a roadmap from Blizzard so they know what's coming instead of waiting. 

Blizzard's ARPG Diablo 4 launched this year to great success. The franchise continuation surpassed business records by making $666 million in its first week. 

Season 1 of the ARPG has been out for a while. Players can unlock new content in Season of the Malignant, including a battle pass that requires a seasonal character. 

Reddit user Deidarac5 asked the developers for a roadmap or notion for Diablo 4's future amid the drought. 

“I think many live service games have a plan. It would be wonderful to know what they're planned so we don't wait, the post says. 

Many other live service games do it to inform players of the producers' plans, building community hype and confidence. 

Deidarac and dozens more gamers agree that the devs should announce what they're fixing, but they want to know what they're planned on content. 

“We know what they are fixing, but it would be nice to know what they want to accomplish this year instead of “wait and see” with everything asked by the community.” 

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