Deion Sanders Beams With Confidence In His Tweet After Colorado’s 4th Straight Loss

After agreeing to pay more than $75 million to remove Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M has been urged to explore hiring Deion Sanders as head coach.

Fisher was hired by the Aggies in 2018 after leading the Florida State Seminoles to a national championship. However, he failed to produce results for the school's wealthy backers.

He had a strong start, winning the Gator, Texas, and Orange Bowls in his first three years, but has subsequently gone 11-11, falling far short of expectations at College Station.

Fisher was sacked just hours after Mississippi State defeated him 51-10 on Saturday.

Despite massive investments in facilities, personnel, and recruiting, the Aggies (6-4) are still a long way from where they want to be, losing Fisher his job.

The 58-year-old was under contract until 2031, which means the program will pay him $77.5 million in the largest buyout in college sports history over the following eight years.

According to ESPN First Take analyst Stephen A. Smith, Colorado Buffaloes head coach Gary Sanders is the answer to the Aggies' issues. 

In his first season as head coach, the NFL Hall of Famer has electrified the program, but Smith believes College Station and the Aggies' resources are a perfect fit for Sanders' ambitions.

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