Charli D'Amelio Found Best Summer-to-Fall Nail Color 

In the guise of a vibrant lime green shade, Charli D'Amelio has given us a remarkable source of inspiration for fall that will unquestionably raise our forthcoming nail game.

Our preference for colors that we wear also subtly changes when the weather cools and the number of daylight hours decreases, and choosing nail paint is no exception. 

Warmer earth tones and matte top coats are now in style instead of eye-catching bright hues and shiny lacquer finishes. 

When deciding on the proper nail color for the season, the change from the carefree days of summer to the more somber emotions of fall can be challenging. The new set from Charli D'Amelio is helpful in this situation.

In preparation for the upcoming season, the former Teen Vogue cover girl went with an earthy hue that nevertheless has a striking, summery finish. 

She captures the essence of this seasonal transition with her choice of a vivid yet grounded lime green hue, and she doesn't forgo drama with the length either, which makes this manicure.  

an obvious standout.Although D'Amelio's chartreuse manicure is the star of her Instagram photo, we can also see a more subtle and minimalistic style in which she embraces the short nail trend on what appear to be naked nails. (We can't blame her for occasionally wanting to go bare!)

Consider D'Amelio's sets as inspiration for your next mani-pedi, whether you decide on the clean simplicity of short, bare nails or the clean simplicity of the dramatic yet summery vibrancy of lime green.

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