'Bizarre' Performance at 2023 CMA Awards raises concerns for Wynonna Judd among fans

At home, viewers quickly realised there was a problem with the country singer.

Fans of Wynonna Judd are concerned about her health following her 2023 CMA Awards performance.

On Wednesday, Nov. 8, at the 57th Annual CMA Awards, the country music singer was brought on stage to perform with Jelly Roll. 

Despite her amazing vocals, fans couldn't help but notice something wasn't quite right. 

The 59-year-old seemed unsteady as she moved across the stage, finally approaching Jellyroll, 38, and clinging to his shoulder as though she required support to maintain her balance.

She had trouble walking. One user noted, "She took baby steps," and another said, "There's a problem with her." I hope she's okay.

"There was just something off! I'm really worried," another person said. 

Someone else described Judd's performance as "seriously bizarre," pointing out that she "barely moved once she got a death grip on [Jelly Roll]." 

Some fans speculated that Judd's unsteadiness on stage might have been caused by her vertigo, a condition about which the Grammy winner has previously spoken out.

"I believe that she is still having vertigo problems. But uncertain. After the show on Wednesday night, a user commented, "I hope she's okay."

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