All of the Fall 2023 Nail Trends to Watch

In the nail world, as we enter a new season, it's all about change. We saw a lot of vivid colors on people's nails during the summer of 2023, with lovely pink and orange-hued manicures in particular dominating manicure stations around the world.

Hello, Barbie! (We couldn't help ourselves). But it wasn't simply movies that had an impact on what we did with our nails.

In fact, some experts believe that chrome resurfaced as a result of some of the year's major music tours.

The summer of 2023 saw a lot of vibrant, vivid hues, but experts say that as the cooler season arrives, our nails will return to basics. 

Nice and neutral

The tortoiseshell design is probably one of the most popular manicure patterns for autumn 2023. This trend is exactly what it sounds like: producing a tortoiseshell effect on the nails (imagine brown with darker, cloudy spots on top). 

Turn to tortoiseshell

If you're not into neutral nails this year, there's something for you too, proving how adaptable nail trends are in 2023! Miss Cosmetics' Samantha Kendrew revealed to Who What Wear that space-age nails are having a trend.

Think out of this world

This one was bound to happen. As autumn approaches, we all begin to consider reintroducing orange into our life to complement the season's most popular fruit (pumpkins, of course!).

Pumpkin (shade) picking

To keep with the neutral nail trend while still adding a little flair to your fingertips, try the minimalist French manicure trend.

The mini French manicure is having a moment

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