After the 84-year-old director of Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola, made his official announcement, tributes poured in.

Francis Ford Coppola has established a strong reputation for himself as a director because to his work on the seminal and influential ‘Godfather Trilogy   

Coppola was a little child who was confined to bed with polio from the age of nine until he made some of the most influential movies of his career.    

Prior to that, he decided to sit in the director’s chair and make some of the most groundbreaking films of his career. He would put on puppet plays for himself whenever he was stuck inside as a kind of self-entertainment.   

After some time, he developed a serious interest in making films using the 8-mm format. Although he was born in Detroit, Michigan, the family moved to Queens, New York City, when he was a little child.    

His father was also a musician and participated in a number of orchestras over his lifetime. As he got older, he went to Hofstra University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama.    

He maintained his education and eventually became a film director. During this time, Coppola began his career as an assistant to the well-known producer and director Roger Corman, who was known for his work on low-budget horror films.  

After some time, Roger Corman offered Francis Ford Coppola the opportunity to direct a horror movie that he had written, and the resulting picture, Dementia 13, was released in 1963.   

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