6 'healthy' meals to avoid at night

Good-for-you foods that shouldn't be eaten after dark A healthy lifestyle is centered on eating a balanced diet.  

But the order in which we eat is just as important as the decisions we make. Even while some foods are really nutritious, they might not be the greatest options to eat at night. 

Curse  Without a question, curd is a multifaceted, nutrient-rich dish. By eating it during the day, our digestion is taken care of by the beneficial bacteria it contains. Curd boosts immunity and fortifies our bones. 

Berrie  Regardless of health status, the fruit is thought to be advantageous for all individuals. But eating them during the day is healthier. since of its cooling properties, eating the fruit after sunset is said to be detrimental since it can induce phlegm.

Chicken   has a high protein content that requires more energy and time to digest. Eating at night causes a delay in digestion, which interferes with sleep. If you must eat, make sure to eat a balanced, small amount of food.

fatty meal  When we eat fatty foods late at night, our digestive systems have to work extra hard to process and digest them, which interferes with our ability to sleep. For this reason, specialists advise against consuming fatty foods late at night.

arid fruit  While eating dry fruits early in the morning is advantageous because they contain high levels of carbs, sugar, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, eating them late in the evening or at night prevents the stomach enzymes from breaking them down.

Carrots with Broccoli  In addition to being rich in nutrients, these cruciferous veggies have fiber and complex carbs that take longer to digest. Late-night consumption of them may cause gastrointestinal pain and bloating.

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