3 Zodiac Signs Experience Rough Relationship Horoscopes On November 11 

The Mars opposing Uranus transit will make three zodiac signs feel as if November 11 is a particularly difficult day.  

We have a hostile and aggressive attitude towards almost everyone. While we are not necessarily assaulting anyone in particular, we cannot help but feel the need to defend ourselves, 

even though we are not being attacked.While this may sound somewhat allegorical or lyrical, the truth is that on November 11, 

three zodiac signs will simply not be in the mood to debate with anyone about anything, signalling that our tolerance is fraying and time is running out.  

We're all out of'spoons' on this particular day, but rather than fading away, we stand up and defend ourselves.We perceive darkness when there may not be any, yet we are so 'on the lookout' that we strike out before we detect true danger. 

Mars opposing Uranus makes us feel as if there is something we need to guard, and it's most likely our sense of pride. We are combative and hostile, and we may not even understand why.

It's hard to imagine, but you're back at bat, and you're starting to feel that 'being on the defence' has become your calling card.  

1. Taurus 

During Mars' opposition to Uranus, you will feel as if your life is flashing before your eyes. Yes, that is a really dramatic way to look at it. 

2. Capricorn  

There will be no more Mars transits. Just when you thought you were finally free of the idea of feeling belligerent and hostile, Mars opposes Uranus and delivers the knockout blow.  

3. Pisces